Grégoire Perra, by Alicia Hamberg

Un article dont je suis fier et qui a ouvert de nombreuses portes !

Blog de Grégoire Perra

Grégoire Perra

by Alicia Hamberg, in Annat

August 20, 2012

Suddenly appeared, on the critics list, a link to a new article, in French, and a new name: Grégoire Perra (he has a blog). Or, the article wasn’t actually new, it had been published a year ago, but I — and apparently some others — had not seen it before. It — entitled ‘Anthroposophical indoctrination of students in Waldorf-Steiner schools’ — was published by a French anti-cult organisation, UNADFI.

Cathy writes about Perra and the article:

This is such an important article! The conclusion he draws is that even if only a few students become full blown anthroposophists, this subtle indoctrination masked as education is an affront to the freedom of children.

The author was indeed a member of First Class, and recently heavily involved, not only as a teacher but on various anthroposophical committees connected…

Voir l’article original 296 mots de plus

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