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Stop Steiner in Stroud

Here is a damning posting on a forum from a parent about why they left Steiner education. Most of the reasons have already been mentioned here and elsewhere, but it is further proof of just how universal the problems are.

The writer explains how they have both good and bad memories, but ultimately had to leave. It is the second post on the page.

…speaking for myself and myself only.. here is what made us leave: was the hypocrisy.
2.It was the « my way or the highway » approach to conflict resolution.
3.It was the pretty organic frosting outside and the rock hard cold inside.
4.It was the consistent inabilty to RUN and manage a school.
5.It was the trial by fire teaching and unsupportive collegues, teachers with more experience not willing to mentor, but instead criticising and sabotaging eachother.
6.It was the teachers inability to take any feedback, without then somehow turning on…

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