Paradigms and Pseudo-science

Stop Steiner in Stroud

A guest post from Jim

Defenders of anthroposophy often like to deploy scientific or philosophical arguments in support of Steiner’s views on a range of subjects. They are not alone in this – the near incomprehensibility of modern physics makes it all to easy for the astrologer or homeopath to trot out a glib reference to « quantum entanglement » as if that justified their belief. And some scientists don’t help by metaphorical talk about « god particles » and « knowing the mind of god » when they intend no theological import at all.

But there is one particular line of argument which I would like to consider here – that is the one based on the notion of paradigms and paradigm shifts. It is very popular not only with Steiner supporters but with others who wish to give a gloss of intellectual respectability to what we can generalise as New Age beliefs. It goes…

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