Nutrition and Education

Stop Steiner in Stroud

Following on from the previous post, another chapter in Roy Wilkinson’s book The Spiritual Basis of Steiner Education” is “Nutrition and Education”.

How could this subject possibly be spiritual,? Well, as with all things Steiner, you will be surprised.

Modern scientific thinking, the author admits, “has produced an extraordinary wealth of facts” but “looks on the human being as a mechanism which is kept working by an adequate supply of fuel.”

Roy says “Things appear a little differently from the aspect of spiritual science”.

He goes on to assert that “food is not just a material substance. It has a living quality and one has to consider the source of its life…The nourishment of which we partake has a spiritual quality” p102

I have said before that the food in Steiner businesses is impressive. If you enjoy wholesome well-prepared food, you cannot fail to enjoy it…

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